Attend ABI is a project developed by Attend that aims to support people who have suffered an acquired brain injury.

No one tells you that a brain injury can change your entire world. Attend helped me to discover the beauty of my new world and I feel in control of my life again.

Rob S

Established in 2009, we have developed a number of different programmes and services to help people who have suffered a brain injury and their family or friends to identify and take positive steps towards their longer term goals.

We use our experience and our expertise to help people whose lives have been affected by brain injury to develop the skills and confidence to engage meaningfully with the community. This could be through attending our social events, taking part in courses and workshops, volunteering or attending our employment programmes.

Our programmes

The ABI Navigation project is about supporting people who have suffered an acquired brain injury at the point of hospital discharge and helping them with setting and achieving their long term goals.

Specialist support for individuals with an acquired brain injury (ABI) who are currently employed and need an extra hand in their workplace.

This is a project that is aimed at working with employers and disabled employees alike to learn more about brain injury in the workplace and ways to progress to better paid work.

If you or someone you care about has had a stroke, our service is here to help provide essential information, guidance and support.

We aim to instil the confidence back into brain injury survivors and equip individuals with the support needed to return to work.

Everyone’s a Winner is a project which aims to support carers, family members, and loved ones of people with an acquired brain injury (ABI).

Improving health and wellbeing of vulnerable adults by ensuring they have the provision of personalised coordinated care and support across a network of providers.

Supporting individuals with neurological long covid with managing long covid, accessing relevant services, and with returning to employment.

The Step-up programme offers support for young people aged between 16-25 years who have suffered an acquired brain injury.

Designed to support unemployed people with health conditions or disabilities back into work.


If you would like further information or would like to have a conversation with the team please contact us using the following information:

0207 307 2570