Frances R

They say that the only time you should ever look back is to see how far you’ve come. Experience is always something nice to look back at, especially with my own experience working with children who have special education needs. That environment prepared me for caring for my son, who was involved in a traumatic […]

Jen C

Before my accident, I was 18 and I had just finished a two-year course to qualify as a horse riding instructor. I was a very active person and really enjoyed working with the horses. Two weeks after receiving my qualification, I was in a car accident. I suffered a serious head injury, and I stayed […]

Marina A

When I was a child, I loved reading bed time stories with my mother. My mother is absolutely amazing; she hadn’t been to university and wasn’t greatly educated but she is incredibly intuitive and has much sense. One night, when I was four and a half years old, I couldn’t see the pictures in my […]

Shaltiel K

Before my injury, I was taking my gap year with the plans of going to university after that. However at the end of my first gap year, I decided to take another and go to study abroad. For this, I went to Tel Aviv to study Analytical Thinking and Jewish Thinking. One day when I […]

Frazer N

Before my injury, I worked in many different roles and had various jobs. I use to have a catering job at Chartwell House; I worked at a Natwest Bank; I was a postman temporarily; and then got into organising events for a number of DJ’s. I was very successful in the latter role – I […]

Ann T

For the past 25 years I’ve been working as a probation officer; my job is to work with victims of serious crime. I represent them and act as their voice in the criminal justice system at hearings and other important stages of the offender’s sentence. I’ve always had a good reputation at work for knowing […]

Cat C

The problem with a brain injury is that it’s not visible. It’s easy for employers or colleagues to not understand. Having to explain it on a frequent basis gets quite embarrassing. People don’t understand why you can’t do something or remember something. I fell downstairs at a tube station and I hit my head very […]

Usman A

Between the years of 2005-2011, I was preoccupied with many things. I had finished my masters degree in Radio at the University of Surrey and had gone on to work for a number of companies including working at the O2 Arena and working as an Audio Visual technician. I also did a lot of charity […]

Ben M

The accident occurred in 1998, when I was twenty years old. At the time, I was studying at Manchester University doing a geography degree, which I really enjoyed, but couldn’t complete because it was during my course that I had my accident. I was at a Christmas party, on the 20th December, and was on […]

Andrew B

Before my injury I would say I was a hard-working and positive person, albeit shy and somewhat short on confidence. I was working as an advisor in the job centre, in the department of ‘Work & Pensions’. For this, I was interviewing people for benefits suitability, working with NI and client details etc. I worked […]