Better Paid Work

Are you feeling stuck in your job?

Better Paid Work is a project funded by the Trust for London that works with employers and disabled employees alike to encourage a supportive workplace. People with a brain injury and their employers can learn more about working with disabilities in the workplace and support disabled individuals into progressing into better paid work. 

Adults with an acquired brain injury will receive:

  • A review to assess their current work
  • Coaching and mentoring in relation to their vocational goals
  • Access to brain injury awareness sessions
  • Access to training opportunities to further develop their skill set

Employers will receive:

  • Access to brain injury awareness sessions for their organisation
  • Support with learning strategies to support their disabled employees
  • Employees who are empowered to progress in their workplace


If you would like further information on the Better Paid Work project or would like to have a conversation with the team about accessing it, please contact us using the following information:

 Telephone: 0207 307 2570