Usman A

Between the years of 2005-2011, I was preoccupied with many things. I had finished my masters degree in Radio at the University of Surrey and had gone on to work for a number of companies including working at the O2 Arena and working as an Audio Visual technician. I also did a lot of charity […]

Ben M

The accident occurred in 1998, when I was twenty years old. At the time, I was studying at Manchester University doing a geography degree, which I really enjoyed, but couldn’t complete because it was during my course that I had my accident. I was at a Christmas party, on the 20th December, and was on […]

Andrew B

Before my injury I would say I was a hard-working and positive person, albeit shy and somewhat short on confidence. I was working as an advisor in the job centre, in the department of ‘Work & Pensions’. For this, I was interviewing people for benefits suitability, working with NI and client details etc. I worked […]

Phil N

I call myself ‘a huggy person’ because I love life. I was very lucky because a lot of people with brain injuries get a massive change in their personality, while mine is very similar to what it was. Except I became a much more loving person. When I turned 13, I suddenly started having migraines […]