Frazer N

Before my injury, I worked in many different roles and had various jobs. I use to have a catering job at Chartwell House; I worked at a Natwest Bank; I was a postman temporarily; and then got into organising events for a number of DJ’s. I was very successful in the latter role – I […]

Ann T

For the past 25 years I’ve been working as a probation officer; my job is to work with victims of serious crime. I represent them and act as their voice in the criminal justice system at hearings and other important stages of the offender’s sentence. I’ve always had a good reputation at work for knowing […]

Cat C

The problem with a brain injury is that it’s not visible. It’s easy for employers or colleagues to not understand. Having to explain it on a frequent basis gets quite embarrassing. People don’t understand why you can’t do something or remember something. I fell downstairs at a tube station and I hit my head very […]